How Fengo Works

You have a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD and the days are all over the place.  How do you know they are making progress, either on a treatment or with a new type of therapy? Is it clear or does the most recent bad day stick out to you more than others? When you take them to the doctor, do you struggle to remember the good days when they ask  “How’s everything going?”  

Fengo gives you the ability to answer these questions with confidence.  


Fengo includes: 

  • A customizable list of behaviors to track daily so you can see specific progress on areas that need focus, such as when a new routine or treatment is started
  • Daily reminders to track at a time and frequency that works best for you
  • Simple charts showing your child’s progress that show consistent data, over time
  • A digital Vanderbilt© Symptom Assessment for caregivers and teachers to fill out and show your doctor at follow up visits
  • Optional invitations to teachers to quickly track the same behaviors to see progress at school.